Homelessness and Housing Alliance (HHA) is the Lead Agency for the Okaloosa Walton Homeless Continuum of Care.  The Continuum of Care is comprised of representatives of organizations, including homeless service providers, local government, law enforcement, school districts, public housing agencies, behavioral health providers, hospitals, and affordable housing developers.  HHA hosts quarterly CoC meetings that are open to the public. 

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HHA provides funding efforts for non-profit providers to rehouse homeless households rapidly while minimizing the trauma and dislocation caused to homeless households and communities by homelessness.

The CoC Program Notice of Funding Availability for 2017 has been released. Please see the following documents to apply. 

Maggie Tomecek
Deputy Director


Continuum of Care



​​​Our community has reduced veteran homelessness by 85% since 2014. Click the button below for the 

Initiative for Veterans of Okaloosa and Walton "IVOW" 

​Mayor's Challenge. 

team members

Dalila Newton

Community Outreach Coordinator


Funding Opportunities

Homelessness & Housing Alliance (HHA) is dedicated to the elimination of homelessness. HHA believes we can create a community without homelessness by investing in long-term and cost-effective solutions that have been proven to prevent and end homelessness.


Sarah Yelverton

Executive Director



INVESTin Solutions

Dianne McManus
Projects Director (Walton)